TCP 3 Way Handshake

For data to be sent across the Internet, traffic is sent over either TCP or UDP. This post will focus on how a TCP session is established, for more information on the differences between UDP and TCP click here.

In order for a TCP session to be established between 2 devices, a process known as the TCP 3 Way Handshake must occur.

How It Works

We know that TCP uses sequence numbers when sending packets, this is part of how the order of packets are verified, and a great way to identify any missing data that might have been lost in transit.

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Configuring TACACS: Step by Step´╗┐

TACACS is a protocol that is used for the AAA process. If you are unfamiliar with the AAA process, you can click here for a brief explanation on what that is.

This post will go through the configuration of TACACS on a Cisco device to authenticate with an AAA server (Cisco ISE for example) and what the configuration means.

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