Provisioning Switch Ports on Cisco DNA Center

Having been fortunate enough to get some hands on experience with Cisco’s vision of the future of the Campus Network, DNA Center, I found myself relearning how to do basic Network Engineer configuration. At times it didn’t seem intuitive, but I will share my experience configuring ports and where the option is located.

While being very useful and automating much of what had to be done manually, some parts can be harder to find than you’d think.

Lets get started, note that this post is valid for version of DNAC. Other versions may vary slightly.

Finding the Right Page

Step 1: Navigate to Provision, then Fabric:

You will then be presented with a list of sites configured and the networking devices in those sites.

Step 2: Here we will need to select the site which the device we want to configure is placed at.

Step 3: Once selected, we then choose the relevant building from the presented list on the left sidebar, then select the tab ‘Host Onboarding’.

Step 4: We will then be presented with the list of Switches on the site. Selecting a Switch allows us to see the current ports, and which configuration they have applied to it. In the image below, the ports have no configuration, so are showing as blank:

Great! Now we found the ports, and just have to configure them.

Configuring Ports

At this point, you simply select a port (or multiple) and press the ‘Assign’ button at the top of the section:

We then have the option to configure the port as an Access Port, an Port for an AP etc. Once you select the option for an Access Port (called a ‘User Device’ Port), this will then allow us to put the port into the correct Address Pool (think VLAN), as well as configure Group, Voice and Authentication options.

Click on update and wait for Cisco DNA Center to log into the Switches and apply the changes you specified.

I hope this has been helpful!

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