Lab: HSRP Example

Building on top of the HSRP Concept Notes I posted previously, here we will demonstrate a practical example of how HSRP is configured and how it works.

Let’s begin.



You work for a company specialising in Car Sales. This company has 2 sites, one in London and the other in Tokyo.

Both sites have 2 Edge Routers connecting to the ISP. Your job is to use HSRP to ensure that regardless of what Edge Router is being used to send/receive traffic between sites, traffic will be continuous and will experience minimal disruption if either Edge Router fails.

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Cisco Voice Lab: Which Softphone Option is Best?

The best way to learn something is to get your hands on it and play around with it yourself.

Technology is no different. In reality however, this can prove difficult.

If you have or are thinking of building a Cisco Voice lab, then the aside from the Call Manager/Unity/UCCX servers themselves, you will need to deal with the question of how you will simulate your IP Phones.

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