Blocking a Number on the Gateway

Nuisance callers are the worst. They could be telemarketers, spammers or even customers who feel they have been wronged.

Whatever the reason for blocking someone from calling you, this short guide will teach you how to block a number on the gateway.

Following Cisco’s 3 famous step logical process, there are 3 things we need to configure:

  • Translation Rule
  • Translation Profile
  • Add to Dial Peer

Lets get started.

Translation Rule

Here we need to add a translation rule which will match the number we want to block. Now this doesn’t ‘translate’ the call, it will just match it for now.

voice translation-rule X
     rule 1 reject /[YOUR NUMBER HERE]/

Note that it is important to know how the number is presented form your Provider to your Gateway. The number we enter in the Translation Rule configuration must match what the Provider sends to us.

Translation Profile

We then apply the voice translation rule we made above to a Translation Profile.

voice translation-profile [ENTER NAME HERE]
     translate calling X

It is always good practise to make sure you name it something relevant.

Add to Dial Peer

At this last stage, we apply the Translation Profile (which contains our blocking translation rule) to our incoming Dial Peer.

dial-peer voice Y [PROTOCOL]
     call-block translation-profile incoming [ENTER NAME HERE]



  • Make a test call with dialpeer debugs if you don’t know which Dial Peer your incoming calls hit
  • There is a maximum limit of 10 calls we can block per gateway.
  • If you have multiple gateways then you will need to put the configuration on all of them (a longer term solution may be to block calls on the Call Manager itself)

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