Common Extension Mobility Errors

Extension Mobility is great, but sometimes it can freak out. Justified or unjustified, here is a list of common errors you may experience with it along with their solutions.

This list will be expanding as more are experienced.

Error CodeSolution
12The UDP profile of the User contains an apostrophe. Remove it and save. UDP should now function correctly and User should be able to sign in.
22Navigate to the Phone itself in Call Manager and ensure that "Enable Extension Mobility" is ticked
201UserID/PIN is incorrect. Check credentials and try again
202Either the User ID or the PIN section has been left blank when trying to log in. Ensure both fields are populated.
205There is no User Device Profile (UDP) assigned for this User/Check that the UDP Profile is associated to the End User Profile
214User unable to log in (too many failed attempts) - Reset PIN/Hack count on End User Page


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