What is a CTI Route Point?

You may have come across this type of function when trawling through call flows in Call Manager.

But what is it?

Essentially, a CTI Route Point is a ‘station’ along the call flow that sends the call to a 3rd party server. This could be Cisco Unity server, a UCCX server or even something non Cisco such as an IPFX system.

You will notice that on the Route Point itself it has the IP address of the server it is sending the call to.

To jump to the next step in the Call Flow, you will need to head over to the server referred to by IP in the CTI RP itself.

In order to make the Route Point usable in a standard call flow, it can be given a directory number so that it can be ‘called’.

It is important to note that if there are call forward settings on the Directory Number given to  the CTI Route Point, then this will take precedence over sending the call directly to the mentioned IP address.



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