What is Extension Mobility?

Remember the simple days? When we were young in Primary School where we had seating plans? You came in and sat in the same place day in and day out. Unless of course, your teacher mixed it up every once in a while and placed you next to the kid who used to pick his nose all the time. That was gross Daniel, that was gross.

Then you moved on to Secondary school and if you were anything like me,  you started moving to different classrooms for your different lessons.

This is how much of the workforce is nowadays.

People move around desks when are where space is. It isn’t just limited to office space either, people can work from home or libraries; the world has become a much more flexible place.

This is where Extension Mobility comes in.

Instead of being tied down to one phone at your dedicated desk, you can move around to wherever a phone is located and log in to that phone as if it were yours. It makes your extension mobile…hence the name!

If you’d like to know how to enable Extension Mobility on Call Manager, click here.



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